Sparkle up your ear with our cuff Kai. This cuff can make your earparty go from minimal to festive in a split second, a real essential you could say. Kai is perfect if you don’t have a lot of piercings but can also emphasize the crazy amount of piercings you’ve already got.


Kai gold ear cuff

    • We recommend that you take your (gold-plated) silver jewelry out at certain moments: while sleeping, while showering, while swimming and while using parfum and hair product. This is to prevent unnecessary damages, bending, and discoloration.
    • Stainless steel jewelry is water-resistant and has a longer life than other materials. Overexposure to water may wear off the plating faster. To guarantee a long(er) happy life we recommend you treat it like silver jewelry.
  • Please note: the price is per piece

    Designed in Amsterdam and made in South Asia

    Materials: gold-plated silver

    Free shipping in The Netherlands. Check here for all the world wide prices. Contact us for questions and special requests.