Felt Atelier reinvents the known ear hoops and ear studs. The shape of the ear has been the starting point for every design. This means the front as well as the back of the earrings are equally important.
why felt?
We advocate diversity in all parts of what we do. From a jewelry box with different styles to the influencers that adore Felt to our campaigns where we show different types of people. To us, it's all about feelings. And feelings come in different forms.
Jewelry is often attached to emotions or moments. Whether you make yourself happy with a beautiful piece or you get it as a gift. We try to capture that feeling in our pieces.
They say "it's the thought that counts" which is true. But it's even better to capture that thought and make tangible through a lovely Gift Voucher from Felt Atelier.
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"worn by @robin.balou"
Robin is wearing our Ozde chunky gold hoops, shining bright like a diamond and looking cute as hell!
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