“Handmade jewelry by a boy and a girl”


Felt was founded by Maaike (a girl), who grew up in a family where jewelry was part of  every celebration, loss or achievement. Jason (a boy) was raised by many women and by whom he has been taught to love jewelry. Where Maaike is the creative brain behind the identity, Jason focuses on creating a place where everyone sees themselves represented in Felt. Together they design the collections and they challenge one another to come up with surprising unique items again and again.

Meet Felt, an Amsterdam jewelry brand that makes finger-licking ear candy. With their local, handmade products, Felt brings more colour and positivity in a world where greyness sometimes takes over. The jewellery is made in their Amsterdam based studio and is characterized by its playful, colourful character. Felt's acronym, Feeling Every Little Thing, says the brand likes to celebrate all emotions with a light-hearted approach.